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7 Best Small Living Room Chairs

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Making the most of a small living room can be a challenge, Comfort and style don’t have to be sacrificed. Accent chairs add personality, provide extra seating for guests, and create a cozy reading nook without overtaking your limited space.

Here are 7 of the best small living room chairs to suit a variety of needs and tastes. Whether you’re looking for plush teddy fabric or chic swivel chairs, we have you covered.

1. AISALL Accent Chair: Comfy Teddy Fabric for Small Spaces

The unique teddy fabric on this AISALL accent chair adds just the right amount of fun. You can curl up with a book on it because it’s super soft and comfortable. It’s also quick and easy to set up, thanks to its one-step installation. In a small living room, the armless design saves space while remaining versatile for a variety of other rooms.

AISALL Accent Chair


  • Unique teddy fabric for soft, cozy feel
  • One-step installation – easy to set up
  • Armless design – perfect for small living rooms
  • Versatile – use in living room, bedroom, or office

2. DM Furniture Accent Chair Set (2): Stylish Comfort for Small Living Rooms

These two accent chairs from DM Furniture offer big style in a compact package. As a result of their compact design and curved shape, these chairs are ideal for small living rooms. Assembling your new chairs is easy and takes no time at all.

DM Furniture Accent Chair Set (2)


  • Set of 2 chairs – perfect for conversation areas
  • Compact size (31.5″W x 30.5″D) – ideal for small spaces
  • Curved design for comfort and style
  • Easy assembly

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3. HULALA HOME Accent Chair Set (2): Floral Flair for Small Spaces

You can add both comfort and style to your small space with this set of floral slipper chairs by HULALA HOME. These compact chairs feature plush seating and a floral pattern that makes them perfect for relaxing. Easy assembly will have you using your new chairs in no time.

HULALA HOME Accent Chair Set (2)


  • Set of 2 chairs with floral pattern – perfect for conversation areas
  • Compact size (26″W x 30″D) – ideal for small living rooms
  • Comfy tufted seating and velvet fabric
  • Easy assembly in 15 minutes

4. Kakotito Swivel Accent Chair: Style & Comfort in a Spin (Small Space Friendly)

Despite its small size, the Kakotito swivel chair delivers big comfort. It’s perfect for tight spaces thanks to its plush upholstery and comfortable armrests. A sturdy wooden frame and a swivel feature make this chair convenient and durable. In minutes, you’ll be enjoying your new chair.

Kakotito Swivel Accent Chair


  • Swivels 360 degrees for easy conversation
  • Comfy armrests and plush upholstery
  • Sturdy wooden frame for small spaces (weight capacity 300 lbs)
  • Easy 2-step assembly

5. Yaheetech Accent Chair: Fuzzy Comfort for Small Spaces

Soft loop fabric and plush cushioning make the Yaheetech accent chair a cozy place to relax. This compact sofa has a surprising amount of space despite its compact size. Easy assembly and adjustable foot pads make it ideal for small living rooms.

Yaheetech Accent Chair


  • Soft boucle fabric and faux leather for comfort and style
  • Compact size with generous seating area (19.7″ deep seat)
  • Slightly reclined back for relaxation
  • Adjustable foot pads for uneven floors
  • Easy 5-minute assembly

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6. Signature Design Triptis Chair: Artful Comfort for Small Spaces

This Signature Design Triptis chair offers both style and comfort. Plush cushions and abstract print fabric add a touch of personality. Its compact size allows it to be used in living rooms or bedrooms. It only takes a few minutes to assemble your new chair, so you can start enjoying it right away.

Signature Design Triptis Chair


  • Abstract print fabric adds a pop of color
  • Plush cushions and supportive frame
  • Compact size (21.5″W x 29″D) – ideal for small living rooms or bedrooms
  • Easy 15-minute assembly

7. Shunzhi Floral Accent Chair: Comfy Elegance for Small Spaces

This floral armchair adds elegance to any small space. You can curl up with a book in its high back and deep seat. It comes with one pillow as well. You can assemble your new chair in no time at all.

Shunzhi Floral Accent Chair


  • Floral pattern fabric for a touch of vintage charm
  • High back, deep seat, and pillow for ultimate comfort
  • Compact size – perfect for small living rooms or bedrooms
  • Easy assembly in 5-10 minutes

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Small living rooms don’t have to limit your seating options.  It’s easy to create a warm, inviting atmosphere with these space-saving chairs, which prioritize features like comfort, style, and ease of assembly.  A small living room can be a haven of comfort and style with the right chair. So curl up with a good book or host a gathering of friends.

Small Living Room Chair FAQs

What size chair is considered “small”?

Generally, a small living room chair will have a width and depth under 32 inches.

What features should I look for in a small living room chair?

Consider space-saving features like armless designs, swivel bases, or chairs that can be tucked under coffee tables. Make sure the back of the chair is supportive and the cushions are plush.

How can I style a small living room chair?

You can add color and pattern to your home with accent chairs. Use a chair to introduce a new design element or complement your existing décor.

Maximize Your Small Living Room’s Potential

With a little planning, you can find the perfect chair to enhance your small living room’s functionality and style. Whether you’re looking for a cozy spot to curl up with a book or a conversation starter for entertaining guests, these comfortable and space-saving chairs offer the ideal solution.

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