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7 Best Curtain Room Dividers for Every Need (and Budget!)

Best Curtain Room Dividers for Every Need

Shared living space or need a dedicated area within a room? A curtain room dividers is a stylish and functional solution. You can use them to create privacy, separate areas, and add a touch of design to your space. When so many options are available, how do you decide which is right for you? Using this guide, you can learn how to choose the right curtain room dividers for your budget and needs.

1. Zenfinit Room Divider Kit: Privacy Made Easy

Zenfinit Room Divider Kits create privacy in any room in an elegant and simple way. A heavyweight curtain blocks light effectively, while tension rods and adjustable crossbars simplify setup. Renters will appreciate the renter-friendly design as well as the many colors and patterns available.

Zenfinit Room Divider Kit: Privacy Made Easy


  • Floor-to-ceiling privacy
  • Freestanding setup (no drilling required!)
  • Adapts to your space (straight line or right angles)
  • Multiple colors and designer patterns

2. RoomDividersNow: Discreet Privacy on Tracks

The RoomDividersNow kit provides a discreet and functional solution to tight spaces. It is easy to install thanks to the included hardware and the ceiling track that keeps things clean.  It creates instant privacy by effectively reducing light.

RoomDividersNow: Discreet Privacy on Tracks


  • Mounted ceiling track for clean lines
  • Easy setup with included hardware
  • Perfect for small spaces (3ft-4ft 6in)
  • Blocks light for maximized privacy

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3. RoomDividersNow: Stylish Privacy Made Simple

RoomDividersNow’s hanging kit provides chic privacy. You can easily hang it with the included instructions. Blackout curtains block light effectively, creating a private haven within minutes. The piece is also versatile, adapting to a variety of room sizes.

RoomDividersNow: Stylish Privacy Made Simple


  • Easy hanging installation
  • Versatile for small & large spaces (4ft 8in – 9ft wide)
  • Blocks light for ultimate privacy
  • Creates a stylish room division

4. RoomDividersNow: The Zenfinit – Easy Privacy for Large Spaces

Creating privacy in large rooms is easy with the Zenfinit stand by RoomDividersNow. You can easily install it without drilling due to its tension design, and you can utilize it for straight divisions or L-shaped spaces due to its versatility. It’s also easy to break down and move. (Curtains sold separately)

RoomDividersNow: The Zenfinit - Easy Privacy for Large Spaces


  • Freestanding tension stand (no drilling!)
  • Adapts to various configurations (straight line or right angles)
  • Perfect for large spaces (12ft-18ft wide)
  • Easy setup and breakdown

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5. RoomDividersNow: DIY Privacy on a Budget

RoomDividersNow offers tension rod kits that create privacy for an affordable price. The tension rod setup does not require drilling. The heavyweight curtain allows you to create a private space quickly and easily.

RoomDividersNow: DIY Privacy on a Budget


  • Easy tension rod setup (no drilling needed)
  • Large size for ample privacy (8ft tall x 10ft-12ft 6in wide)
  • Blocks light and reduces noise
  • Affordable solution for dividing rooms

6. Curtain Room Divider: Privacy & Style

This curtain room divider offers a stylish and functional way to create privacy in various settings. The sturdy frame and easy installation make it a great choice, while the color options ensure it blends seamlessly with your existing decor.

Curtain Room Divider: Privacy & Style


  • Space separation: Creates privacy areas with curtains (not included).
  • Durable construction: Sturdy iron frame with rust-resistant finish.
  • Multiple colors: Black, gold, or white to match your decor.
  • Easy installation: One-person setup with included screws (for solid walls).
  • Versatile use: Perfect for salons, offices, clinics, and more.

7. Curtain Room Divider Track: Easy & Flexible

Curtain tracks from MaKefeile offer dependable and adaptable solutions for hanging curtains and room dividers. This product is constructed with a sturdy construction and glides smoothly. A versatile choice for a variety of spaces, it can also be customized and mounted on ceilings or walls.

Curtain Room Divider Track: Easy & Flexible


  • Heavy-duty: Strong aluminum alloy track for smooth & quiet gliding.
  • Customizable length: Connects multiple tracks (up to 15 ft) for large spaces.
  • Dual mount: Installs on ceilings or walls for versatile use.
  • Multiple uses: Ideal for room dividers, living areas, bedrooms, and more.
  • Great value: Includes all hardware for easy setup.

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Your space can be more functional and private with curtain room dividers. The variety of options available ensures that you’ll find something that’s right for you and within your budget. Consider a curtain room divider for a touch of privacy and style if you’re renting, a student, or just looking for a flexible way to divide your space.


What are the benefits of using curtain room dividers?

  • Privacy: Create separate areas within a room, perfect for roommates, studios, or workspaces.
  • Flexibility: Easily adjust the layout of your space as needed.
  • Affordability: Compared to permanent walls, curtain dividers are a budget-friendly option.
  • Style: Add a decorative touch to your space with a variety of curtain options.

What types of curtain room dividers are available?

  • Freestanding: Tension rods or poles hold the curtain upright, perfect for renters or temporary solutions.
  • Ceiling mounted tracks: Discreet and ideal for smaller spaces, these tracks keep the floor clear.
  • Wall mounted tracks: Similar to ceiling tracks, but mounted on the wall for added stability.
  • Curtain with frame: Offers a more permanent look with a frame supporting the curtain.

What should I consider when choosing a curtain room divider?

  • Space: Consider the size and layout of the area you want to divide.
  • Privacy needs: Blackout curtains provide maximum privacy, while sheer curtains offer light filtering.
  • Style: Choose a curtain style that complements your existing decor.
  • Budget: Curtain dividers range in price depending on material, size, and hardware.
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