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How To Decorate A Teenage Bedroom, THE STYLISH WAY!


Are you a teenager who is looking for some of the best bedroom decor ideas to spice up your room’s interior? If so, hold on a little longer. In today’s blog post, we will provide you with some of the best tips on ‘How To Decorate A Teenager’s Bedroom – The Stylish Way!’  We will also share some amazing points to keep you up with the latest trends when it comes to room decor. So, if you are ready to get started, keep reading!

How To Make A Cool Teenage Bedroom?

Some tips and tricks on ‘How to decorate a bedroom for teens’ include adding personal touches, such as photos or posters of things that may interest you, and using bright colors to add energy and life to the space is always a good idea.

It can also be helpful to think about what you might need in your room for studying or relaxing, and then get those things. For example, a desk and chair for studying, or a comfortable bean bag to relax on. 

But most importantly, it’s important to let yourself get involved in the decorating process as much as possible so you can feel like it’s truly your space.

Bedroom Decor Ideas for Teenagers:

Number 1 – Make a Collage Headboard

(Image Source – thenewyorktimes.com)

This is a handy way to take your room’s decor up a notch. You can use pictures, magazine cut-outs, quotes, or whatever you like to create a unique and personal statement piece. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Start by finding some inspiration online or in magazines. Look for ideas that reflect your personality and style.
  • Collect images and other materials that you want to use. You can either print them out or save them on your computer.
  • Arrange your materials on the wall and start taping them in place. Try to create an interesting composition using different shapes and sizes.
  • If you want, you can add some embellishments like glitter or sequins.
  • Hang your collage headboard on the wall using Command strips or push pins. And Tada! You’re done!

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Number 2 – Add String Lights

(Image Source – lights4fun.co.uk)

String lights may seem like a simple way to decorate your room but they can give an entirely different look to your space. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to personalize your bedroom and make it feel more like your own. String lights come in all different colors and styles, so you can choose whatever look you prefer. They’re also a great way to brighten up a dark room or add some extra warmth on a cold winter night.

You can attach them along your bedroom’s ceiling or above the bed. But the perfect spot for me is around the dressing table’s mirror. It can provide extra light for doing your makeup (If you’re a teen girl, you’ll thank me for this later) and will give you a warm glow every time you look at yourself in the mirror. 

Number 3 – Paint a Mural 

If you have a creative and artistic mind, why not paint a mural on one of your bedroom walls? This can be anything from a landscape to your favorite band logo. Well, it doesn’t have to look exactly like the one in this photo. Just be yourself and you will end up with a masterpiece, I assure you that. 

Number 4 – DIY Wall Art

(Image Source – Pinterest.com)


(Image Source – itsclaudiag.com)

There are endless possibilities when it comes to DIY wall art. You can create something abstract or go for something more literal like a world map or a quote from your favorite book. You can either paint it yourself or get stickers from any nearby shop. Whatever suits you the best! But your options don’t really end here. Here are a few ideas that we have to share with you. 

  • Hang Up Some Polaroids 

Polaroids are easy to personalize and make a space feel like home. Plus they’re affordable and fun. Get creative with your photos and try out different frames or layouts to add visual interest.

  • Make A Mood Board

Yes, another awesome idea! The best way to make a mood board is to start with a picture of your dream bedroom. From there, you can begin to gather ideas for decor, color schemes, and furniture. You may want to focus on creating a space that is both comfortable and stylish, making it the perfect place for relaxation and reflection.

Some design ideas to get you started might include using soft colors like lavender or pale pink, adding plenty of plants and flowers for natural beauty, and choosing furniture that is both stylish and functional. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out some of the popular teen bedroom decor trends online. But if you don’t feel like going through hundreds of websites, we have done the job for you. Click Here to find out ‘How to decorate a teenage bedroom?’ 

  • Add Some Wall Decals 

Adding wall decals is a great way to personalize your bedroom and give it a new feel. There are tons of different designs to choose from. You can easily find something that reflects your interests and can put it up in your room. Plus, they’re an easy way to quickly and inexpensively transform the look of a room.

If you are into music, for example, you could choose some decals with musical notes or instruments. If you’re into sports, you can go for any sport-themed decals. Or if you want to keep it more abstract, colorful geometric shapes seem like a good option too. But again, it is all up to your preference. All you need to do is be creative!

  • Add Wallpaper 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to give your bedroom a makeover, then wallpaper is definitely the way to go. You can easily find lots of fun and trendy designs when it comes to wallpaper. It’s a great way to brighten up your room and customize it according to your liking. Plus, it’s a relatively affordable decorating option, so you can get a lot of bang for your buck. 


Number 5 – Hang Curtains and Add Cozy Cushions and Throws

(Image Source – lushome.com)

Adding cushions and throws is another amazing decor idea to give your bedroom a cozy and inviting look. It adds color and life to your room and can make it more comfortable without spending a fortune on decor.

Hanging curtains is another great idea. It will add privacy to your room and make your place look more beautiful. Look for curtains with bright and bold fabrics.

Number 6 – Display Your Hobbies

 (Image Source – homedecorbliss.com)

A great way to show off your hobbies is to decorate your bedroom with things that reflect what you love. If you’re into fashion, for example, you could put up pictures of models or fashion designers, or hang a clothes rail in your room so you can model your latest outfits. If music is your passion, why not go for a musical-themed bedroom? You could have a bed shaped like a grand piano, wallpaper with notes on it, or even a guitar-shaped light fitting. The possibilities are endless just use your imagination!

Number 7 – Paint The Walls and Furniture 

(Image Source – idealhome.co.uk)

Well, what’s a better way to give a fresh look to your bedroom than painting the walls and furniture?  It’s a fun way to add some color and personality to the room, and it can also be a great way to express your individuality.

There are all sorts of different painting techniques that you can use, so be sure to explore your options. You can find some great tutorials online, or you could even ask a friend or family member who is good at painting for help. Whatever you do, be sure to have fun with it! This is your room, so put your own stamp on it.

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Number 8 – Bring in Nature

Adding elements of nature into your bedroom is an excellent way to create a calm and relaxing environment. You could add some money plants, use natural materials like wood and stone, or even incorporate animal prints into the decor.

Number 9 – Add Mirrors

(Image Source – Pinterest.at)

Adding mirrors to your bedroom is a great way to make the space feel bigger and brighter. It’s also a great way to add a little bit of glamor, which can be fun for teenagers.

If you’re looking for ideas, here are a few mirrored pieces that could work well in a teenager’s bedroom:

  • A mirrored headboard or mirror above the bed
  • A mirrored dresser or vanity table
  • Mirrored walls or closet doors

Number 10 – DIY Your Desk

(Image Source – babios.co.uk)

If you like studying or doing your homework in your bedroom, why not give your desk a makeover? To add some storage and organization into the space, you can use baskets or boxes to store your supplies and can decorate the surface of your desk with fun washi tape or stickers. You can also put a few decorative pieces like a snow globe, small vases, candles, and more like these.

Number 11 – Create a Cozy Reading Nook

(Image Source – lifeliveitup.com)

If you are a book lover, why not create a cozy reading nook in your bedroom? All you need is a comfortable chair and a small table or shelf for your books. If you already have a study table in your room, the best way to make your space extra cozy is to add a bean bag at any corner of your room. If you are tight on budget, rather than buying a bookshelf you can simply stack up a few of your favorite books on one side of the bean bag. Trust me, your friends and homies will never want to leave your room, LOL!

Some More Ideas To Turn A Small Teenage Bedroom Into A Luxurious Space

1. Think about what you really want to see in your room. Some people need a lot of space to spread out, while others prefer cozy spaces. Consider what kind of activities you like to do in your bedroom and try to design the space around that.

2. Make use of vertical space. Many bedrooms are small because they’re designed with horizontal space in mind, but you can use the walls to create more storage and seating areas. Adding shelves, hanging rods, and hooks can help make the most of every square foot.

3. Use bright colors and interesting textures to make the room feel bigger and more fun. A small bedroom can feel oppressive if it’s painted in drab colors or covered in plain white wallpaper. Add some visual interest with a bold paint color, fun wall decals, or even a patterned rug.

4. Furnish the room with multipurpose furniture. A daybed can be used for sleeping and seating, while a trunk can double as a coffee table and storage space. Be creative and let your artistic mind think about how each piece of furniture can be used in more than one way. 

5. Keep the clutter to a minimum. Too much stuff can make a small space feel even smaller, so try to edit your teenager’s belongings down to the essentials. Encourage them to donate or sell items they no longer need and help them find creative ways to store the things they do need. To learn how you can keep your bedroom neat and tidy, make sure to CLICK HERE!


  1. How to make a Cool Teenage bedroom?
  • Choosing a bright and colorful color scheme. Bright colors can help to energize a room and make it feel more fun and inviting.
  • Adding funky or unique furnishings. From bean bags to mismatched furniture, anything that adds personality can help make a room feel like your own space.
  • Displaying favorite photos or memorabilia on the walls or shelves. This can personalize the space and give you a sense of ownership over it.
  1. How to make a cool teenage bedroom for my baby girl?

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Paint the walls a soft, calming color like pale pink, baby blue, or lavender.
  • Hang some pretty curtains or drapes to soften the look of the room.
  • Add some cozy furniture, such as a comfortable chair or bedding set with a matching throw blanket.
  • Decorate with plants and flowers to create a natural atmosphere.
  • Hang up some artwork or photos that reflect her interests and personality.
  1. How to make a cool teenage bedroom for my boy?

You could make a boy’s teenage bedroom with dark colors, like black and navy blue, to give it a masculine look. The walls could be painted black and the furniture could be painted navy blue. 

Another amazing idea is to add some accessories, like a black or navy blue rug, throw pillows, and curtains. For the bedding, you could use sheets and comforters in solid black or navy blue. Finally, you could add some personal touches, like photos or posters of his favorite athletes or rock stars.

  1. What colors are good for a teenage bedroom?

Gray, green, and blue are all calming colors that can be beneficial for a teenager’s bedroom. According to experts, these colors can actually help to create a relaxing environment that is conducive to sleep. Additionally, these colors are often associated with feelings of tranquility and serenity, which can be helpful for teenagers who may be experiencing stress or anxiety.

  1. What furniture is good for a teenage bedroom?

It depends on the teenager’s personality. For a more grown-up look, dark wood furniture can be a good option. If the teenager is drawn to more playful designs, whimsical furniture in fun colors could be a likable preference.


There are tons of different ways that you can make a cool teenage bedroom. Some good ideas include adding bright colors, wallpaper, or patterned fabrics. You could also try hanging tapestries or curtains from the ceiling, or DIYing your teen’s desk. Whatever you do, make sure to indulge yourself in the process so that you can have a space that truly reflects your unique personality.  If you are a parent and want to surprise your teen with a room makeover, these tips are the way to go. Now, you don’t need to search for ‘How to make a cool teenage bedroom?’ or ‘How to decorate a bedroom for teens?’ We have compiled some of the best ideas for you.

Key Points on ‘How To Make A Cool Teenage Bedroom?’

Number 1 – Make a collage headboard

Number 2 – Add string lights

Number 3 – Paint a mural

Number 4 – DIY wall art

Number 5 – Hang curtains and add cozy cushions and throws

Number 6 – Display your hobbies

Number 7 – Paint the walls and furniture

Number 8 – Bring in nature

Number 9 – Add mirrors

Number 10 – DIY your desk

Number 11 – Create a cozy reading nook

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